Jump in, the water’s fine

Chris Brogin put out an interesting set of questions for his blog readers:

What were your first steps into social media?

Who were your early people you admired and followed?

How did you get started?

If you were going to give advice to someone starting out, what would you tell them?

What will you do in the next few months with social media?

As I read the questions, pondered my answers and read through some of the (at the time) 77 comments, I thought it might be a way to assess where I am today with this fun stuff: Here’s how I answered his questions:

…first steps into social media? I’ve had a vague understanding for a while, but never really saw how it could help in my current place of employment. However, we did start a blog for the school district, but didn’t really get going at first. I went to a presentation by Geoff Livingston at a Fort Worth PRSA meeting on integrating social media into communications plans. I found these simple and effective concepts fascinating. I read his book (Now Is Gone) and have been totally geek-ing out on SM ever since.

…early people you admired and followed? Geoff Livingston, Kami Huyse, Lauren Vargas, Brian Solis, Giovanni Gallucci, and others

…get started? Started with social networking sites MySpace then graduated to Facebook. Moved on to social bookmarking. I put some ideas to work in my first blog. Presented a session on New Media for School Districts for some fellow school PR professionals.

…advice? Jump in, the water’s fine.

…next few months with social media? I’ve been asked to give a Social Media for Newbies presentation for Fort Worth PRSA. Things are looking good so far. I am excited to see where this goes.


2 Responses

  1. Thank you! I am honored…

  2. […] am all for jumping in and experimenting with social media mainly because you are more credible if you’ve experienced the various forms of social media. […]

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