Blocking Social Networks


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Many organizations choose to use internet filters to help stem the tide of unwanted and/or inappropriate content for its users. Education, specifically school districts are no different. I can understand and appreciate the necessity of keeping young internet users away from highly inappropriate Web sites in an academic setting.

However, I have a problem with the reasoning behind some of the filtering. For example, in our district, LinkedIn is blocked because it falls under the social networking category. My response is: SO WHAT!? Shouldn’t we be encouraging professional sites that could help with connections for internal and external communications.

I don’t appreciate “social networking” as a category being blocked for users. I think it implies that an organization does not value the concept of professional/personal communication experiences.


One Response

  1. I totally agree. I think most of the problems with filtering would go away if they gave staff the ability to enter their username and password and bypass the filter. It would still help keep teachers from accidentally showing something inappropriate to their class, but staff could access the tools and sites they need and they could let students get to the tools that they want the students to use.

    We’re trusting all these people with students and such, why can’t we give them more access and address issues as they arise, rather than just locking everything down?

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