Musical Inspiration for Social Media

Rent Signage

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“Why are you so in to this social media stuff?” I get questions like this from family, friends, colleagues and I haven’t really been able to nail down a good explanation that suits me…until now.

I have found some social media inspiration in a song that helps explain why I am so fascinated in social media. It comes from one of my favorite musicals, Rent by Jonathan Larson.

La Vie Boheme

To days of inspiration,
Playing hooky, making something
Out of nothing, the need
To express-
To communicate,
To going against the grain,
Going insane,
Going mad

Now, I will probably not immediately start singing when I am asked again, but I may hit the high points of why social media resonates with me.

Days of inspiration…making something out of nothing…the need to express, to communicate…

These are things that make social media so interesting to me. What makes social media interesting to you?

Side notes: Rent is leaving Broadway on September 7. The Rent Web site and other related sites have some interesting examples of social media in action: Rent Countdown Blog, EverythingIsRENT You Tube Channel, Goodbye, Love Message Board, Speak Your Heart Forum, and others. While I did not get to see the show on Broadway, I did get to see touring casts in Dallas and Fort Worth and they lived up to expectations.


2 Responses

  1. It’s the newness and subtle rebellion against traditional methods that catches our attention, but there’s something that I think would keep me interested even if everyone in our districts used blogs, aggregators, and Twitter. These are good tools that really help us meet goals more efficiently. Right now, a lot of those goals are in the area of personal professional development — I learn a lot from reading what you and Terry write — but I look forward to a future where I know what other departments are doing (and see opportunities to work together) based on their Tweets.

  2. Social media is “cool” partly because it is new, but the core value that made it so popular is in its immediacy. We now live in a world where communication has become instant and social media is part and parcel of that. Sites like Twitter and Facebook provide instant updates on what people and companies are doing. For instance, when a plane landed in the Hudson River not long ago the first image of the accident was posted to Twitter, not a newspaper.

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